Sunday, June 05, 2016

Party pooper

When it comes to politics, I'm one of those this year, in a manner of speaking.

On domestic issues, I've been a Democrat for decades.  As far as I'm concerned, the people most likely to benefit from trickle-down economics are the folks who least need to benefit, namely, the wealthy.  And many Republicans are so-called pro-life, which, from my perspective, means that any woman who becomes pregnant, even by rape or incest, loses the right to treat her body as her own and becomes merely the incubator for a baby--so many states are restricting access to abortions, and even birth control, that it's truly frightening.  Republicans also seem uninterested in ensuring universal access to healthcare, appearing to believe that only those who can afford to pay for their own treatment should be able see a doctor or pay for their prescriptions.

That said, I'm not entirely in agreement with the Democratic approach to foreign policy.  President Obama drew a line in the sand regarding the use of chemical warfare in Syria--and then, when chemical weapons were used against Syrian citizens, did absolutely nothing.  If he can't be trusted to keep his word, then all his talk about "having Israel's back" is nothing but that:  Talk.

But I don't trust the Republicans on domestic issues, and I don't trust Trump on any issues.


Stay tuned.


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